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Who: A corpse and all of you
When: Day 24, the morning after the recent murder
What: Vex is dead, have fun finding the body
Where: The courtyard
Warnings: Dismemberment

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Who: Vex and Junpei
When: Murder night
What: Vex gonna die
Where: Starting in the courtyard
Warnings: Violence and death, specifics updated as needed

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Who: Alphys and you
When: Day 14: Morning after the first murder
What: Discovering the effects of Janet's 'disappearance'
Where: All around
Warnings: References to a dead person? Will edit if anything comes up

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Who: Yui, OTA
When: Day 17
What: Getting her bearings, forming bonds
Where: Everywhere
Warnings: Will update as needed

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Mar. 21st, 2017 11:20 pm
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Who: Vex and YOU
When: Day 13, murder night
What: Playing with his powers
Where: All around
Warnings: Probable violence, though no one will die. Will update as needed.

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Who: Everyone
When: Day 6
What: An unpleasant surprise
Where: Courtyard
Warnings: A corpse (Let the mods know if threads go into territory that requires additional warnings)

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Who: Josh and OPEN!
When: Around the middle of Day 2.
What: With a day passed of this place going neither away nor quickly south, Josh bites the bullet and thinks he'll... try settling himself in.
Where: Around, and then the hobby room!
Warnings: Bit of language - will be updated for anything else as needed.

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Who: Anyone!
When: IC 3-5, OOC 3/4-3/10
What: Mingle for stuff being swapped.
Where: Wherever
Warnings: Not sure what'll come up, probably nothing too bad but I'll keep updates.

[Possessions are being switched with those of other people, see this announcement for more details.]
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Who: Kayo and whoever she runs into
When: Throughout the first day
What: Exploring and getting to know the place
Where: Prompts for her room with Vex, the courtyard, the kitchen and the hobby room
Warnings: None as of yet

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Mar. 4th, 2017 02:42 am
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Who: *Hyun-ae, anyone who runs across her!
When: Day 1, sometime in the mid-afternoon.
What: *Hyun-ae has a body. She is appropriately freaking the fuck out about it, but not because it's dead, because it's a body, and she hates having a body.
Where: Her room (which is shared with Alphys, at present), feel free to hear her shrill screams across the way.

Warnings: Mention of... a dead body, possible allusions to Hate Story spoilers, AKA *Hyun-ae's backstory which contains mentions of: heavy abuse, graphic violence, murder, suicide, genocide/death, and sexual acts. Yes. All that. Please see my permissions.

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